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This blog of mine should have been exactly about this, about informing my respected colleagues (and other potential persons interested) what and where I photo, what was it there like and so on...

In fact, this is an opportunity to show few photos of mine, without overloading the gallery.
Partly ...
Gentoo - running penguin.

Gentoo seemed to be a sort of extra draft for the photo of "main" species of penguin on the Falkland Islands for us. He is a lot smaller than the King Penguin, it is not dramatically coloured, it hasn't got a rebel visage of a Rockhopper, no...
Topic: blog
21.6.2010 22:59:18
One day with Stag Beetle
Sometimes in winter at Sumava Mountains in the evening after photo shoot above a glass of wine we planned, as usual "where to go next". Peter Simon among other things said he knows about Stag Beetles and ...
Topic: Spain 2008
6.6.2010 11:54:07
Some time, more precisely two years have passed since we went on a phototrip to Spain. To be specific, to the southwest of Spain, on a location between the famous Gibraltar Rock and equally famous Doñana. The plural form 'we' meaning Vasek Bambula, Jaromir Kaderabek (I hope he doesn't mind that I...
Topic: blog
14.3.2010 23:21:06
Well finally. "The storybook wolf is disqualified."

In March edition of the Wildlife Photo Magazine there was on page 107 in column "Your letters" printed a message with title "The storybook wolf is disqualified." I post the part of the message subscribed by Mark Carwardine, the leader of t...
Topic: blog
5.1.2010 21:28:20
British Natural History Museum a časopis BBC Wildlife Magazine together with some main sponsor (Veolia Environment in 2009) hold every year prestigious compe...
Topic: Mexico 2009
30.11.2009 08:59:32
In winter months, in the area of western part of the Californian Peninsula, in west Mexico, you can usually find two species of whales. The Grey Whale and the Humpback Whale. Although I was prepared more for the Grey Whales the circumstances were different and so I was taking photos of Humpbacks mai...
About Rockhopper Penguins (Eudyptes chrysocome)

The English name "Rockhopper" is very fitting name for this penguin. When you see these little chaps (45 - 58 cm tall and 2 - 4 kg of weight) hopping on the rocks above the sea, then you know their name is actual mnemonic and that you'll n...
About Penguins in general, but mainly about King penguins.

I will write three more articles, hopefully. Each one dedicated to one kind of penguin that we took photos of on the Falkland Islands.
I have no ambition in writing a scientific compilation. I’d like to pass on a few findings, whi...
A Camera Trip to the Falkland Islands: How it looks


I would compare the appearance of the Falkland Islands to something between Ireland and Iceland. The North German coast or Ruyana, although it maybe does not sound that romantic does look very similar and also the wea...
Texts 21-30 / 31
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