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1.1.2015 23:16:59
PF 2015
Při fotografování svišťů, (viz. blog Wildlife workshop: Svištění v Alpách ) se tak nějak "zadarmo" naskytla příležitost fotit kozorožce alpské. Proč zadarmo? Protože kvůl...
Topic: blog
21.6.2014 21:10:16
Wildlife workshop: Alps marmot-izzing
Shodou několika náhod, a po opravdu, ale opravdu dlouhé době, a přiznávám to trochu nerad, jsem byl na foto workshopu. Workshop pořádal Ondra Nágl s Jaromírem Kadeřábkem. Samozřejmě bych se něčeho takového nezúčastnil, nebýt Jaromírovy i...
Topic: blog
5.1.2014 12:20:39
PF 2014
Topic: blog
4.1.2014 19:10:55
European Bison in Bialowieza Mist.
Where: Bialowieza, Poland

When: end of December 2013

Aim: European Bison in the winter

Equipment: Nikon D4, Nikon D800, Nikon 400/f2.8, Nikon 70-200/f4, Gitzo tripod, etc.

Participants: Bohdan Nemec, Ondrej Nagl, Jaromir Kaderabek

It's not any big adventure, this trip of ours to Po...
Hello my dear girls!

21st July 2013
After the amazing experiences and photographic storm of 17th July ( see Svalbard III ) we haven...
Only now, while I'm writing down some notes of the previous day (17th July) I realize how overwhelmed I had been by yesterday's action, with how much intuition I took the photos, in kind of a haze of excitement, without any regards to the equipment. Cameras, lenses, converters - I switched and com...
My dear girls!

Even though I can't bear even a children's swing, as you very well know, I couldn't resist and for what seems about a fiftieth time I enjoy the "pitching and rolling". To put it simply, in the rhythm of waves I'm sliding up and down in my bed, where I took refuge when it was ...
I will write about my trip to Svalbard, in series (I hope), in form of a combination of observations and notes, mainly of phot...
...one day, exactly thirteenth September 2011

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