Falkland Islands
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Gentoo - running penguin.

Gentoo seemed to be a sort of extra draft for the photo of "main" species of penguin on the Falkland Islands for us. He is a lot smaller than the King Penguin, it is not dramatically coloured, it hasn't got a rebel visage of a Rockhopper, no...
About Rockhopper Penguins (Eudyptes chrysocome)

The English name "Rockhopper" is very fitting name for this penguin. When you see these little chaps (45 - 58 cm tall and 2 - 4 kg of weight) hopping on the rocks above the sea, then you know their name is actual mnemonic and that you'll n...
About Penguins in general, but mainly about King penguins.

I will write three more articles, hopefully. Each one dedicated to one kind of penguin that we took photos of on the Falkland Islands.
I have no ambition in writing a scientific compilation. I’d like to pass on a few findings, whi...
A Camera Trip to the Falkland Islands: How it looks


I would compare the appearance of the Falkland Islands to something between Ireland and Iceland. The North German coast or Ruyana, although it maybe does not sound that romantic does look very similar and also the wea...
20.11.2009 21:10:54
Camera Trip to the Falkland Islands – A Summary.

It’s not very usual to start with a summary. This article is more like a promise that I will write something more detailed than this overview. Something like a teaser.

506 Hours on the Falkland Islands
We, that is to say, me a...
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